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CHECK Foster Care Project Resources

Helping the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) train staff at the Comprehensive Health Evaluations for Cincinnati’s Kids (CHECK) Foster Care Center to screen and intervene with youth in foster care around their substance use.


NORC Adolescent SBIRT Curriculum

Using SBIRT to Talk to Adolescents about Substance Use: 

4-part On-demand Educational Series

Other NORC Webinars

Adolescent SBIRT Curriculum Instructor’s Toolkit

The Instructor's Toolkit contains the 300+ page Learner’s Guide to Adolescent SBIRT with companion slide decks and supplemental resources. In addition, it includes examples of sample interactions between a practitioner and adolescent or young adult; dialogues and role plays that learners can use to practice the components of SBIRT; extensive appendix of materials including adolescent substance use screening tools, case studies, pocket cards, and performance feedback and evaluation tools for assessing quality and fidelity during role play and simulation exercises; suggested readings that align with each module of the Learner’s Guide; and sample course syllabi.

Kognito Online Simulation Training

SBI with Adolescents

NORC and Kognito’s SBI with Adolescents is a conversation simulation designed to prepare health professionals to screen young patients for substance use, conduct brief interventions using evidence-based principles of motivational interviewing, and, when necessary, refer patients to further support. This simulation helps practitioners learn basic facts about adolescent substance use, as well as techniques to screen patients and conduct brief interventions to drive positive change in health behaviors. Learn more

SBI with Adolescents: Comorbid Substance Use and Mental Health

NORC and Kognito have released a new simulation! SBI with Adolescents: Comorbid Substance Use and Mental Health is a conversation simulation designed to prepare health professionals to identify and support adolescents at risk for multiple behavioral health issues, including substance use, depression, and suicidal ideation. Learn more

Resources for Providers & Staff

Substance Use

Tobacco & Vaping

Screening Tools

Motivational Interviewing & Stages of Change

Worksheets to Enhance Brief Intervention

Child Welfare Professionals Youth Substance Use Toolkit

Trauma Informed Care

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs)

Role Plays and SBIRT Practice

SBIRT Pocket Cards 


Demonstration Videos

  • SBIRT Oregon demo videos – Offer strong examples of SBIRT in practice.
    • See Erin BI demo video - Erin is a 16-year-old patient who drinks alcohol and receives a brief intervention after completing the CRAFFT screening tool (telehealth visit).
    • See Natasha BI demo video - Natasha is a high school student who vapes cannabis and receives a brief intervention after completing the CRAFFT screening tool.
  • Adolescent SBIRT Brief Intervention & Follow Up demo video (SBIRT in Colorado, Peer Assistance Services, Inc., 2020) - This video demonstrates a nurse delivering a brief intervention to a 15-year-old adolescent who drinks alcohol and uses marijuana and completed the CRAFFT 2.1+N screening tool. This video also highlights the Contract for Life, a tool that can be used to address riding risk, as well as the importance of conducting multiple brief interventions to enhance readiness to change.
  • The Effective School Counselor with a High-Risk Teen: Motivational Interviewing demo video (University of Florida Institute for Child health Policy & Cherokee National Behavioral Health)
  • Boston University’s BNI-ART Institute demo videos


Resources for Youth

Tobacco & Vaping Cessation Support Services & Resources

CHECK Foster Care Project Training Slides

Fact Sheets for Adolescent Patients

SBIRT Fidelity Check Activities